Eclipse fever or “I waited in line for 4 days to get tickets to a crappy movie…and I don’t have my iPhone 4G yet.”

‘Eclipse’ Top Advance Ticket Seller Of Year.

Once upon a time fans would wait on line (it’s “on” btw not “in”) to get tickets to hot concerts.  The night before you and your buddies would take a seat on the cold sidewalk outside of the venue or your local record store.  Back in the olden days children, tickets were only sold at a place we called the “box office” or at the local record store — I’ll post later on what a record is. There wasn’t an internet.  You didn’t need a password or the ability to read and retype letters mushed over a Rorschach background.  You sat out all night.  One night.  And we had a word for the fans who brought a sleeping bag — pussies.  Anything beyond your butt on the cold pavement was a no-no.

The point is, once we got to the front of the line, we handed over our (parent’s) money and got something worth waiting for all night in return – tickets to a show.  A unique — one of kind — not going be seen anywhere else again — show.   Sure there was a second performance the following night.  And this was just one stop on a multi-city tour.  But no two shows are the same.  The energy.  The special guests.  The set lists.  The pot. (Okay the pot was left over from the Stones show).

And we only waited out one night.  (Can’t stress that enough.)

So enjoy your tickets to the move based on the book you all have already read.  Sit through the pre-negotiated and contracted previews.   I’ll wait until it’s on DVD.

And then use it for a coaster.

Zeppelin Rules!  (And I still have yet to make a sale.)


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