Ari Dumps Mel or “Hypocrisy is Latin for Hollywood”

WME Dumps Mel Gibson As Agency Client Because “He Used The N-Word”.

I know I am not the first to think this —


  • Ari Emanuel is a hypocrite.
  • Ari Emanuel has smaller balls than once thought.
  • Ari Emauel is the best damn agent in Hollywood and I wished he repped me.


First Ari tells Hollywood not to work with Mel and then cannot — or doe$ not — stand up to Ed when they merge and tell him to drop his favorite client. I don’t care if they were “secretly not repping” the actor anymore. No one knows your secrets Ari — you hope. And then Ari drops Mel as soon as Ed dies. Nice slap in the face to Ed Limato – Uber-agent. But wait — it was the day BEFORE Ed died. See? he does have balls. Have you ever seen someone dying from cancer the day before they died? Can you really tell the difference? Can they?

What is interesting — and here comes the hypocritical part — is that the righteous Ari Emauel continued to represent Charlie Sheen through all his “frat-boy” antics and felonious hijinks. But only dropped him when asked to take a cut in fees. [In fairness WME parted ways prior to Charlie’s most recent run-in with the law].

In any event, do folks in the fly-over states really know who reps who?   How many know that WMA and Endeavor are WME?  Most probably think WME is a wrestling league.   And we in Hollywood really don’t care if WME reps Mel, or Charlie or Jesse James — oops do they? — because money is money and jobs are jobs and money is money.  And money.


Plain fact — if Ari could make enough money with Mel to mitigate the bad press then they would keep him. But they cannot in the short run. And no one has time to wait for the long run.

WME — aka Ari Emanuel — will get to ride that feel good we-did-right-roller coaster.  He’ll be able to show his face proudly at temple this week.  And all will be fine.

Until Mel signs with Paradigm.

And WME merges with Paradigm in 5 years.

And Ari will once again be repping Mel and making 10 percent on PASSION OF THE CHRIST 2 – BREAKING TRAINING. {my apologies for the stolen joke Mr. Carolla — but funny is funny.}

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