You sunk my f**king ‘Battleship’ a**hole!

Liam Neeson Joins Universal’s ‘Battleship’.

Great.  More salt in the wound.

11 years ago I proposed to my then Manager an idea to go to Hasbro and propose mining their vast catalog of games for movie ideas.  I worked up an entire business proposal — which is qite hard for a writer whose entire business acumen consists of upselling from well liquor to topshelf.

These were the games I grew up with.  The titles alone would put asses in seats.  Fuck the movie.  I was willing to sell out.  Anyone remember CLUE?  No.  But it made money.

Horrible idea.  He said.  Who would want to do that?  He said.  Crazy!  He said.

You’re fired.  I said.  [about 2 years later over a pending deal at DreamWorks but that’s another story.]

Fucker.  Glad I dumped him.

Then again.  I do need a manager…

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