Tina Fey touched me in a bad place.

"Lemon...Those overall bibs are hot."

I love “studies.”

From the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of a study is “an expensive report of facts that are obvious to everyone except the the group or individuals conducting the study.”

Okay.  That’s not from the Oxford Dictionary.  It’s from my own tome — the Oxnard Dictionary.   The point is most studies elicit the same reaction — duh.

Smoking causes cancer.  Duh.

Eating too much makes you fat.  Duh.

Having sex causes babies.  Double duh.

The latest entertainment related study is no different.  The headline from CNN:

’30 Rock’ biggest ethics violator on TV.

Wow.  Have they ever watched the show?  And I mean watched it for entertainment and not to “study?”  The point of the show is that television networks are…wait for it…wait for it…unethical.   And that’s why it’s funny.

Next they be telling us the news is too realistic.

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