Matt LeBlanc has it rough.

Before Matt had it so rough...being famous and all.

Wow. Matt really needed a break. You thought it was easy being an international TV Star.

It ain’t.

Matt sat down with Greg Braxton of the LA Times to discuss the ups and downs of stardom. After the Friends spin-off Joey was cancelled, Matt disappeared from television and movies.

“I really needed a break,” he said. “I went through a tough time, a divorce. I just wanted to be with my daughter. I just wanted to spend time being a dad. I had my nose to the grindstone for 12 years, and I think I lost myself a little bit. I wanted to discover again what life was all about.”

Or maybe the phone stopped ringing because Hollywood only saw him as Joey Tribbiani. And apparently the TV public was over Joey Tribbiani. By the way, did you ever see Matt’s starring role in the feature film Ed?

I thought not.

And what’s this talk about a grindstone? Really? Starring in the number on TV show is a grindstone? Tell that to your cleaning lady and gardener.

Matt went on to say —

“You know what my favorite thing to do in the world is? Nothing.”

Me too Matt. But I have bills. And children to feed. And a wife to clothe. (The kids can run around naked.)

Matt also put down his spinoff show — which kind of upset me as I was one of the few who happened to like Joey. Okay — it wasn’t Friends and it wasn’t the best show on TV, but it’s better than Jay Leno and NBC brought him back. Not to mention Drea de Matteo was excellent as his sister and she’s not only funny but easy on the eyes. [I think it’s important to mention here that I love my wife and think she is beautiful]

For the record I also liked the TV show The Single Guy (pre-Dan Cortese), the feature film Mystery Men and the last 20 minutes of Revenge of The Sith. You can email if you disagree.

So Matt — if Joey was such a bad idea — why do it? Why continue to to slave away on a mediocre TV show if it is not creatively satisfying? I tell you why. You did it for the money. And what did that get you Matt? It got you five years of not having to work while you lived a life of luxury and spent oodles of quality time with your daughter.

Oh. Now I get it. And I’m jealous.

Way to go Matt. Good job.

Check out his new show Episodes on Showtime. I hear its pretty good.

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