Sam Quinones is “Idiot of the Week.” [Congratulations]

This is the Criminal.  Not his Sister.

Hey Sam...this is the bad guy. Write about him.

Because some mental patient goes postal and slaughters 6 innocent people…we need to know his sister’s hourly wage?

What the f**k is wrong with the press?

From the LA Times:

“[name with held by giantELF] is a parks manager for Pima County, said Gwyn Hatcher, human-relations director for the county agency. [She] has worked for the agency since March 1987, Hatcher said, rising through the agency to her current post, earning $25.69 an hour.”

And this is important because…?

Hey Sam Quinones — ace reporter — how much does your sister make?  Why put this woman’s personal information out there for some other whack job?  Have you not learned a thing from this tragedy?

Sam…you win idiot of the week.  And quite possibly the year.

And don’t think I have forgotten you Gwyn Hatcher, Parks Manager of Pima County.  You are a close second.

Media has too much time on its hand.  And no brains.

You can read the whole masterpiece here:

Jared Lee Loughner: Parents of Loughner withdraw after shootings.

Afterwards send Sam an email and let him know he won a prize.

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