This will make your brain hurt

For some reason WordPress thinks this blog and my own are somehow related.

Jared’s Blog was listed in a section that declared it was “full of people talking about the same things you are!

Can someone please answer this question —

What the hell is Jared talking about?

He appears to be a real nice guy.  And after reading a few posts he’s obviously a really smart guy too.  [Okay, I only read the first few lines of one post because it made my brain hurt.]  Moreover he most likely will one day earn in one year what I hope my life insurance will pay out upon my demise.

And even though Jared may be smarter than me —

Or is it I?

No, it’s definitely me.

Even though Jared is smarter than ME, I do know this:

We are not talking about the same things.


2 thoughts on “This will make your brain hurt

  1. msujaws says:

    That is too funny. It looks like WordPress may need to improve their software for finding similar blogs. Thanks for the compliments, but I don’t think I could ever write a screenplay 🙂

  2. giantelf says:

    And I know just the man to write the software. I think. Keep on truckin’.

    [BTW anyone can write a screenplay. Have you gone to the movies lately?]

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