Except on the West Coast

While watching the Jets beat down the Patriots this evening, I heard Jim Nantz utter this familiar phrase.”  Stay tuned for 60 Minutes following the broadcast…except on the West Coast.” That last part – in italics – is usually spoken in a tone reserved for the side effects of Olestra.  [remember “may cause loose stools?”]

As a child, living in the Eastern Time Zone, I often wondered to what glorious entertainement the lucky citizens of the West Coast were treated.  As a resident of Los Angeles these past 19 years, I now have the answer.  Here’s what you are missing East of the Mississippi:

  1. CBS 2 Sports Central, followed by
  2. CBS 2 News at 6 PM, followed by
  3. CBS 2 Evening News

There you have it.  Exciting.  And informative.

I would guess the viewership of 60 Minutes is lower on the west coast with that crappy lead in.  In fact I would bet on it.  All my life I was an avid watcher of Mike, Morley and  Ed.  But now…not so much.

A DesiLu Production

Why not show us 6o Minutes early?  Then follow it up with some “I Love Lucy” reruns or a Chevy Chase/Goldie Hawn movie.  [Back when she was still pretty and he was still funny].  The ratings would be higher.  So would Chevy Chase’s residuals.  And I happen to like “I Love Lucy.”

Then again, who cares?

I mean, except for Chevy Chase of course.

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