Natalie Portman’s First Time…

What would you think if you read this headline tease from the website of a well known entertainement trade magazine:

Natalie Portman Recalls Her First Time on the Red Carpet

Uh-huh.  That’s what I thought.  Me too.  Why would sweet Natalie be discussing her first sexual encounter with an entertainment reporter while attending a Hollywood event?

To make matters worse it was followed by this sub-headline:

“The best actress Golden Globe winner was just 13 years old.”

Wow.  Now that’s just sick.

It turns out, when you read the complete article, it was a missive about Natalie’s first time walking on a red red carpet.  Not at her home, a Vegas Hotel or that eponymously named chain of bowling alleys but a Hollywood Red Carpet.

The important kind.

The question thats begs answering —

Is the innuendo on the page — in this case webpage — or in my head?  If it’s the latter shame on me.  If it’s the former…that’s good writing.

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