This is bullsh*t.

Clark Gable.  Jimmy Stewart.  John Wayne.

Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant has his imprints in the forecourt of Grauman’s Chineses Theater???

This is an outrage.  He’s a basketball player.  And a rapist if you believe the papers.   (At best he’s  an adulterating forcible fornicator)  Who’s next?  O.J Simpson?  Denny Mclain?   (Google him…I’ll wait)

Are we now setting aside a special section for felonious athletes?

I thought it was pushing it when the Star War’s droids were so honored but at least they were movie stars.  Kobe’s credits are a single episode of “Moesha.”  And they were dating at the time.  I say Moesha deserves her footprints in cement before Kobe.

What the hell happened to Moesha anyway?

I got not more to say.

Outrage!  Outrage!  Wait that was more.

I just may not go to Grauman’s again.

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