It’s High Noon for ‘Rango’ and ‘Battle: Los Angeles’?

I have been looking forward to RANGO for a while.  But not as long as I have awaited BATTLE LOS ANGELES.  Next week will be showdown.

It’s important to note that neither of these films are in 3D.  Why?  Because I hate 3D.  My wife would say it’s because I am cheap.  I would say it’s because I think it is an over use of a technology that is polluting the art of cinema.

My wife is probably right.

RANGO’s word of mouth will skew older — many of the reviews I have read as well as the friends who have seen it (i.e. word of mouth), tell me that RANGO is kind of dark for the little kids.   Most of the humor is found in film references that will go right over the heads of anyone under 24 — or possibly 34 if they attended Los Angeles School District.   Will RANGO  grab some of the older folks who do not wish to stand in long lines to see the opening weekend of the next installment in Hollywood’s current fascination with disaster porn?

And by older folks I mean over age 24.

Some of these twentygenarians may have skipped RANGO in the first place  avoiding the kiddies on weekend one and instead took a trip on the Phil Dick train and went to see THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU.  (All you T.A.B. haters may want to have your IQs tested.  I suspect you were not fans of INCEPTION as well.)

And for the record I made up the word twentygenarians and own the copyright.

Or will the old folks still go to see BATTLE: LOS ANGELES, wait a week and then sample RANGO.  Thus the lizard pic gets a great 3rd week bounce — especially after we all discover BATTLE LA is a major disappointment.

God I hope it ain’t.

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3 thoughts on “It’s High Noon for ‘Rango’ and ‘Battle: Los Angeles’?

  1. Bluej says:

    hahaha funny review and I like the word twentygenarians….and you never know Battle: Los Angles could pull a District 9 and be surprisingly good.

    • giantELF says:

      I could not get through DISTRICT 9. I know it was good but I never was able to finish it. Then again I have two young girls and I had to keep sneaking peeks of it in between interruptions — as if I were watching porn.

      I have high hopes for BATTLE but these films disappoint more often than not. They never live up to the hype of their awesome trailers.

  2. giantELF says:

    For those keeping track…BATTLE sucked it up.

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