Irregardless should be a word.

Further proof of the fall of civilization:

OMG! Oxford English Dictionary Adds LOL to Its Pages

But not irregardless.  You can’t even say OMG or LOL.  You spell them out — “ohhemgee” and “elohel.”  They are acronyms not words.

So I am officially beginning the campaign “Irregardless should be a word” right now.  Here is the facebook page if you wish to join me.

Society continues to make non-words into words and then add them to the dictionary.  But words people use every day — “wrong” words  or incorrect uses of syntax and grammar — are scorned.

And not added to any dictionary.

What really chaps my hide is that irregardless sounds like a word.  In fact, irregardless sounds like a word a smart person would use.  But it’s not and they don’t.  And others — people who know that it isn’t a word — they make that perfectly clear when you do use it.  They point their fingers and laugh as if to say “I’m smart and your not.”  When all they really know is that irregardless is not a word.  When it should be.  This is especially hypocritical as they are using the word “your” and not the contraction “you’re” when they mock me.  I know.  I can hear it in their voices.  Not there voices…hear the difference?  So that wasn’t a typo.

Maybe I’m a little sensitive because I used irregardless for more than half my life before I discovered its non-wordness.  And I then bet a sizable sum that the person calling me out was wrong.  But I was.  So I did what any person would do in a similar situation.

I married her.   You have got to keep the smart ones on your team.

I am tired of feeling like an idiot because I still sometimes use that word.  And, just before I use the “I-word,” I stop myself and say “regardless” but I THINK “irregardless.”  Followed by “you’re such an idiot.”  Which goes to prove that the folks at Oxford are at least partly responsible for my low self-esteem.  Or is it “partially,” Mr. Oxford?

Let’s all admit it — irregardless sounds so much bettter than plain old regardless.  Adding an additional “ir-” does it no harm and does not change its meaning one iota.  It even and adds a bit more regard to regardless.

Or less regard.  And I think that is the point of the word.  But you know what I mean.

And while we are on the topic of new words, I would also like to nominate “alot” in the written category.  The misunderstanding with this non-word rests upon how we pronounce it.  We don’t say “a (beat) lot.”  We say “alot.”  Quickly.  Together.  As one word.

Because “a (beat) lot” is where you park your car or buy a christmas tree.  “Alot” is what you pay for your car and your christmas tree.

So irregardless what the folks at Oxford think.  Irregardless is a word.


One thought on “Irregardless should be a word.

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