Eating Crow

I happened upon this wonderful scene recently.

Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom in the alley behind Pep Boys.  For those under 35 I suggest you google that and you might chuckle a bit louder.

Not Pep Boys.  Wild Kingdom.

I didn’t know until today that crows were carnivores.  Meat eaters.  Salad haters.  I am assuming due to the condition of the animal — flat — it was run over and this meal is one of opportunity and not murder.  I don’t believe this black beast of the sky swooped down and killed a rat.  Or maybe it’s a squirrel?

Which is really just a rat with a fluffy tail and a better press agent.

But the memory of this carnage will now give me pause whenever I see these demon birds from Hell.  They were scary enough before but now they have blood on their beaks.

After a quick google search of my own — so I could make another snarky comment and add this Marlin Perkins photo:

Marlin touching his monkey.

I discovered that Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom is back on TV as of 2005.  (Animal Planet — check your local listings)  But the new version is not as good as the original starring Mr. Perkins and Jim Fowler.  I should know because I have not seen it.

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