If you get caught between Dudley Moore and Russell Brand…

If you are hankering to see a sweet lovable intoxicated Englishman make a mess of his life and then overcome it all, I suggest you watch “Arthur” this weekend.

Not in a theater but the comfort of your own home.

The real “Arthur” – ROTTEN TOMATOES

This weekend Russell Brand is invading American cinema in his 2nd film in as many weeks.  But if you are jonesing for some Brand go see the bunny movie.

There was no reason to remake “Arthur.” The original was made in a time before MADD, .08 legal limits and CELEBRITY REHAB.  And it defined a career for Dudley Moore.

Moore is Arthur.  Arthur is Moore.

For Brand this movie might prove to be his undoing as America’s favorite British comedian.  A title he won by default after Ricky Gervais had the audacity to be funny at this year’s Golden Globes.

The “Arthur” remake has only just made me realize that Russell Brand has co-opted Dudley Moore’s personality.

That’s why America likes Russell Brand.  Because we loved Dudley Moore.

4/14 Update:  “Arthur” is available on Netflix streaming.  Cool.


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