Twitter follower update [46!]

It’s that time of the month again.

No.  Not that.  I’m referring to my Twitter follower update.

And I’m male.

Last month I was holding steady at 42 and considered abandoning Twitter altogether.

Let’s face it.  Two of my followers are Twitter accounts I set up.  Twitter stardom was looking bleak.  But then I made a somewhat embarrassing plea to all of my Facebook friends and blog readers.  I am now pleased to announce I have climbed to…tympany…46!

Wow.  I’m glad I stuck around.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the interesting folks that have chosen to follow my snippets of wisdom.

@sharOn is a fan of the Horned Frogs and her profile states: “Life is Good…sports, travel, thinking, writing, reading & yoga.”  Far out.  Sounds like a nice person.   And she’s spells good with a capital “G.”  Welcome aboard SharOn!  (Whoever you are).

@pondwarehouse.  Not sure how this couple found me, but they appear to be hardworking entrepreneurs.  So, if you are need of supplies for your pond or waterfall — why not give them a call?  Maybe because they are in Michigan and you’re not but do it anyway.  And mention my name.  They’ll say “Who?”

@HealthyFellow.  The name says it all.  He’s a guy.  He’s pretty healthy.  HealthyFellow tweets mostly about natural health stuff.  I’ll probably turn his notifications off.  I don’t need that crap interrupting my work flow.

@leo_aze.  Finally.  Someone I know.  A friend.  And a good guy.  A really good guy.  Leo has 705 followers.  That make him 20 times gooder than me.  Leo tweets useful information, links and inspiring thoughts.  What an asshole.  But I encourage you to follow Leo.  Let’s get him up to 711…712.

Dishonorable Mention:

@AZHomenews followed me for a  24 hour period.  Must have said something to upset him.  I turns out he was just trying to sell an over priced house in Phoenix.  F*ck that guy.

There you have it.  46 followers and rising.  If you are so inclined, please tell your friends and co-workers about @cinemkr.  There is plenty enough room on my follower list.


And remember:  if you want humorous thoughts and asides that will lighten your day follow @SteveMartinToGo.


2 thoughts on “Twitter follower update [46!]

  1. Rich Kasten says:

    Can’t believe I did not make the honorable mention list – being family and all!

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