Yabba Dabba Doo…or don’t?

Seth MacFarlane Rebooting THE FLINTSTONES.

I have mixed feelings about this story.  On the one hand it’s yet another “reboot” and we all know what I think of that word.

Or at least the 18 folks who read my blog entry last year.

(A belated thank you to you all.)

But on the other hand, Seth McFarlane is an awesome talent and an animation tour de force.  I would like to see what he would do with this fond memory from my childhood.  Upon a recent viewing I discovered the show to be rather dated even by prehistoric standards.  I mean, c’mon…a bird that plays record albums with its beak?  What the heck is a record album?

And can you imagine the MacFarlane musical numbers and stunt casting?  Brad Rockpit anyone?

Then on the other hand — I have three hands as  I am a freak of nature — why would Seth McFarlane need to remake another property?  Is he out of ideas already?

It’s a quandary I find myself in.

But then again.  It’s a cartoon.

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