F*@!K you, Terrence Malick.

Brad Pitt trying to get the gay rumors started.

The headline screams:  Brad Pitt’s Movie Takes Palme d’Or in Cannes!

Wow.  I know it’s People Magazine…but really?

“Tree Of Life” is a movie over which Terrence Malick — the Writer and Director — has been ruminating for nearly 20 years.

And yet, to the fine editors at People it’s a Brad Pitt movie.  If they’re going in that direction…what about Sean Penn?  Is he chopped liver?  The man has two Oscars.  One of which he deserved.

Of course Brad Pitt’s mante is decorated with a “Teen Choice Award.” Anyone recall the grand Biopic “Troy.”  Anyone?  Brad has his shirt off for most of it.  Ah…now you remember.

Say what you will about Terrence Malick.  I usually say he’s a self-indulgent director with whom it’s cool and fashionable to fawn over even though he produces some the most unwatchably boring movies of all time.

But I’m fickle.  (And I think I just made up that word – unwatchably.)

But Malick is the creative force driving this film.  Not Brad Pitt.  Mr. Jolie presence is to help sell a few tickets.  [Unless he keeps wearing that white suit.]  Even a rag like People Magazine could have been a bit more charitable — and accurate — with its headline.

And please….I’ve been to Imdb.  I know Brad is listed as a Producer.  But so are 13 others.  So keep your comments to yourself.  All 6 of you.


the giantELF

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