Holy F**K! Dustin Hoffman is pushing his “Luck.”

Sorry to be out of touch…but I just spent the past five months working on a project of which I am truly proud. 

Early 2012 I suggest you check out “Luck” on HBO.

In the meantime settle for this behind the scenes trailer:

Wow.  Can you dig it?  Dustin Hoffman plays a bad guy.  A bad guy!  I think I can count on one hand how many times I have heard him utter the word “fuck” on screen.  Until next year.  I’ll need some toes too.

Okay.  To be honest, “Luck” is not all about lovable Oscar-winning actors cursing like sailors.  But it’s a start.

Although many will be excited over the main cast:  Hoffman, Nick Nolte, the venerable Dennis Farina.  I am just as jazzed — if not more — at the supporting cast:

Joan Allen,  Michael GambonRichard Kind, Kevin Dunn

…and Jason Gedrick.  [IRON EAGLE is soooo long ago.]

Scripts by David Milch.  The visual style of Michael Mann.  [although we have had some issues because of these two heavyweights.]

A cadre of top notch directors  — Phillip Noyce, Mimi Leder to name just two — make this more than just a TV show.  It will be an event.

And I am not just blowing hyperbole up your butthole.

Okay.  True…great ratings will ensure a second season and more gainful employment for myself on a show I dig with a group of folks i adore.  But you will be entertained as well.  Guaranteed.

So set your TiVo for January.  Me…I still need to sign up for HBO.

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