Radom Daily Schedule of a Location Scout

Friday January 27, 2012:

I awake at the crack of 7:22 AM.

7:30 AM —  I arrive at the office thanks to a shower the night before and the office is my dining room table.

8:30 AM — Emails and a steaming cup of instant coffee.  The half and half is real.  I get ready to leave for the production office.

9:00 AM — I arrive at the office and discover the Academy Award Winning Executive Producer of our show has not looked at the scouting photos we gave him 2 weeks ago.  But I understand.  He’s busy.

9:05 AM —  I update my Facebook page — still no Timeline!

9:07 AM — Check to see how many people read my last blog entry.  (26 — half were bots)

9:15 AM — I make a cup of real coffee.  Creamer is fake.

9:25 AM to 11:15 AM —  I contemplate and outline my next spec script.  I eschew mainstream high concept for an inaccessible yet quirky offbeat comedy.

11:20 AM:  I also come up with a killer television show idea.

11:30 AM — I devise a plan of how to casually mention the TV show idea to the successful TV Producer father of my daughter’s best friend.

11:35 AM — I am overcome by the realization I will never actually carry the plan out.

11:40 AM — I receive marching orders for a new location for an as yet to be written episode:  an empty nightclub in an industrial building.  Or maybe a church.  They are still working out the concept.

11:50 AM —  I leave the office under the auspices that I am scouting but I actually attend back-to-back school conferences.  I’m a Daddy first and a scout second.  [That’s what my wife tells me anyway.]

11:55 AM — As I drive to the school I tell myself that my attendance is necessary because the school does not give students grades but “evaluations.”

1:30 PM — I leave each conference confident my child is excelling and doing well.  [The next morning I will be overcome with panic that neither will get into college and will wish they were at a school that gives grades.]

2:00 PM — I attend an art exhibit of the longtime “visual consultant” of the aforementioned Academy Award Winning Nominated Executive Producer.

2:05 PM — I want to leave the exhibit.

3:00 PM — I leave the exhibit.

3:05 PM — 5:00 PM  I scout.

5:02 PM — Find the perfect downtown industrial nightclub.

5:11 PM — Get confirmation phone call:  it’s a Church.

5:15 PM — I begin to doubt the inaccessible yet quirky and offbeat spec idea.

6:00 PM — Arrive back at office.  The Academy Award Nominated Emmy Winning Executive Producer has still not looked at my pictures.

Being a scout is hard.

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One thought on “Radom Daily Schedule of a Location Scout

  1. JB says:

    You knew once you found the nightclub it would be a church.

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