Boobs, Babies and Benzes…Super Bowl Ads 2013

I though I would add voice to the the chorus of comments in the blogosphere about this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads.   (BTW — I hate the word blogosphere.)

Mercedes CLA

Nothing says I can’t afford a Mercedes that buying an Mercedes CLA.

MiO Fit

Ironic they hired a getting-more-and-more-chubby Tracy Morgan to hawk sports drink.  Was Kirstie Alley asking for too much money?

Budweiser Clydesdale

Maybe I’m a softy.  Maybe it’s because I have kids or I miss my dead dog.  But I liked it.   And those were not tears.  I yawned just at the end.

But the winner by far was Jell-O Pudding.  We’re #2!!

Brilliant.  And if I were a Niners fan, a little bit a free pudding might help heal the pain.  But probably not.

In conclusion — I want to add that I miss the old NFL network “Get Your Story Straight” spots.  I do not know why they stopped making them.   They were always funny and alway spot on about the nature of sports fandom

I wish I could have found the “Nice pick, Cowher!” spot.  That one was the best.

But in the history of Super Bowl ads…nothing beats The Swear Jar” by Bud Light.

And nothing ever will.

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