I call dibs on Beatrix Potter.

Want to know what the next big trend is in Hollywood?  Check the obituaries…70 years ago.  In the UK and Europe an author’s copyright falls into the public domain 70 years after their death.

Screenwriter Clive Davies-Frayne wrote an interesting post for SCRIPT the online magazine —

“Followers of the literary dead, like myself, weren’t completely surprised that the same year Doyle went public domain: Guy Ritchie, Steven Moffat and various folks at CBS all wrote, pitched and delivered new adaptations of Sherlock Holmes to our screens. Sherlock Holmes didn’t so much come into fashion, as fall out of copyright. And, you really didn’t need to be the Great Detective to have seen that one coming.”

via Alt-Script: The Screenwriter and Public Domain.

Time to hit the microfiche.

To follow Clive on twitter it’s @clivefrayne.  Script can be found at http://www.scriptmag.com

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