I haet [Sic].


Labs think they are so smart.

[sic].  It’s a plague.  What started out as a harmless aside has grown to something bigger.

When quoting others and the quotee [sic] has misspelled a word, used poor grammar or offered incorrect information as fact,  it is common to see the abbreviation [sic].  The intent is to alert the reader that the passage has been reproduced without changes.

In other words: don’t blame us.

But it has grown to mean — “Hey look how stupid this person is. We’re smart. This person is not.  This person is stupid.”

And that bugs me.  Or maybe I’m just being sensitive.

[Sic] is short for: sic erat scriptum.  That’s latin.   It means “thus it was written.”  I bet all those smarty pants [sic]ing up their blogs and news articles didn’t know that.

Or maebe they do.

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