End of an era…or the beginning of a new one?

Jack+Giarraputo+Premiere+Universal+Now+Pronounce+dFWx9sUVgHGxWord leaked out that Jack Giarraputo is “retiring.”   Jack G – as he is known to those who work both with and under him –  is focusing on being a Daddy.  I admire his decision.

Besides, he has more money than God’s accountant.

Jack is a good guy.  A great guy by most standards.  He lives big and loves life…which can be supremely annoying to those of us under him who get paid very little by comparison.  But now he is choosing family over making more money.  At least in the movie business.  Or rather the Adam Sandler business.

I love Adam.  I know from first hand experience that he is the hardest working guy in show business.  And he is a talent that has been stagnating for 10+ years.  PUNCH DRUNK LOVE should have led to bigger and better things.  But alas, he has been mired in material more suited for SNL Adam.  That is his comfort zone.  And he will remain in the comfort zone until someone comes along and kick him in the ding-ding.  Jack is not that guy.

Jack is a money guy.  He’s not a creative.  He was involved in the creative but that involvement made it abundantly clear…that he is a money guy.  It’s telling that his retirement activities will not be painting or novel writing but joining the board of a startup and mucking around in venture capital.

That’s Jack.  That’s why he is rich and why Adam is too.


I hope Adam finds a new partner.  Someone less interested in the Adam Sandler business and more interested in the Adam Sandler talent.  Someone to realize that talent with better material.  (Maybe something Adam didn’t write?)  Someone to push him to the next level.  Before he’s 50.  Someone with the balls to tell Adam to fuck off when he begin spiraling back into riffs on his old SNL characters.  And that baby voice.  Enough with the baby voice Adam.  We love you.  But we hate that fucking voice.

Then the only question left will be when will Covert retire?

Check it all out here:

Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Partner Jack Giarraputo Plots Retirement

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