Being John August.

UnknownJohn August is probably the most interesting fellow in the world of screenwriting.

Okay.  Not probably.  He just is.

John is passionate about all things screenwriting…but not in a geeky sort of way.  He not only writes great scripts but he produce apps and other software to support writers and those just interested in screenwriting.

For years John wrote a column for IMDB about screenwriting which has since morphed into  It’s a veritable treasure trove for screenwriters and filmmakers.  And not just the basic nuts and bolts for the aspiring, but he also voers areas that are important to professional writers.

John also co-hosts the incredible podcast ScriptNotes with Craig Mazin who is the soup to John’s nuts.  He adds a healthy dose of umbrage — and truth —  to all those who think screenwriting would be a great way to make some quick money.  Their 3 Page Challenge offers a great view into how professional screenwriters think and what studios look for.

I like to think that Craig and I are close  as we both labored hard on THE HANGOVER PART III.  Except we aren’t.  We did exchange pleasantries during a heated crew only poker tourney.  He was very nice.  And short.

So do yourself a favor.  Press the link and you find “A ton of useful information about screenwriting from screenwriter John August.”

I encourage you to do so.  Nay…I demand that you do.


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