The Death of a Salesman

Like many an aspiring writer Syd Field’s SCREENPLAY was my first introduction into the world of writing for the film.  And for that I thank him.

I spent the next decade unlearning a lot of that crap but I still thank him.

Good Bye, Syd.

Syd Field, Screenwriter Who Inspired Tina Fey & Judd Apatow, Dies

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Being John August.

UnknownJohn August is probably the most interesting fellow in the world of screenwriting.

Okay.  Not probably.  He just is. Continue reading

End of an era…or the beginning of a new one?

Jack+Giarraputo+Premiere+Universal+Now+Pronounce+dFWx9sUVgHGxWord leaked out that Jack Giarraputo is “retiring.”   Jack G – as he is known to those who work both with and under him –  is focusing on being a Daddy.  I admire his decision.

Besides, he has more money than God’s accountant. Continue reading

Friends in high places…


Mr. Jeffrey Lieber has scored another TV show.  This time with Fox.  Nothing too crazy.  Just a 10 part “event series” set on Mt. Everest. Continue reading

I’m back baby.



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