Dream a little dream

True story…

Last night I dreamt that a crazy — but beautiful —  woman was stalking me. She was sending me love poems and waiting for me outside of our house. It was creepy and unsettling. Even though she was pretty hot.

In the dream, my wife accused me of cheating on her.  She left and took our girls with her. I was devastated.

At one point I somehow found myself in a pond struggling to reach shore. I realized my iPhone was in my pocket. I pulled it out while treading water. It was ruined. And then I woke up.

My first thought was to reach for my phone.  It was fine. I was relieved.

Am I a bad husband?

Truck stop entertainment.

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Screenwriter Mankiewicz Dead. No. Not that one. (Or that one…)

His father may have been more famous (CITIZEN KANE, THE WIZARD OF OZ) and his Uncle Joseph more lauded (2 Oscars) but Don Mankiewicz was no slouch.

A prolific writer who made his mark both in television (IRONSIDE, STAR TREK) and film (Academy Award nom for I WNT TO LIVE!)

An incredibly talented family.

Don M. Mankiewicz Dies: Oscar-Nominated Screenwriter, Novelist Was 93 | Deadline.

Pre ADA Cool.

Someone owes someone $500

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